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Using the tools and resources of the Internet, Mappa Mundi: The Earth Project provides a platform for people to contribute their own “earth samples” and plot them out on an interactive world map where others can easily view and share them across various networks.

Through your contributions, you become the curators of this project.  You select the material, you make the connections, the interpretations, the meanings, you give the “earth samples” their movement and purpose.  There is no wrong way to do this.  Simply upload your “earth sample”, plot its location, share your story, and go from there.  This is your invitation to construct a new world map, one that reflects all the intricacies and experiences we share as individuals on this journey through earth’s terrains.

Mappa Mundi: The Earth Project draws inspiration from the Institute of Cultural Inquiry’s “Earth Cabinet”, a collection of dirt specimens from all over the world currently housed in a refurbished communion cabinet.  These specimens comprise of dirt, dust, grit, shell, sand and other types of earth material from locations including: Ayres Rock, Australia; Suzhou, China; Stonehenge; the Berlin Wall; Zion, Utah; Jerusalem, Israel; Kanagawa, Japan; Paris Catacombs; the Grand Canyon; Gubbio, Italy; and Giza, Egypt.  The “Earth Cabinet” collection brings together a myriad of geographic terrains to reveal where the Institute of Cultural Inquiry and its publics have visited in the past, as well as where they might go in the future.

We would love to hear any feedback you have about this project.  To contact us or learn more about the Institute of Cultural Inquiry and its many projects, or to participate in future ICI projects, join the mailing list or become an ICI member.


Earth Project

Mappa Mundi: The Earth Project is the tenth and last iteration of an ICI project featuring 10 curatorial visions over 100 days.