Terra Incognita

ICI in the Field


To Participate (do it as many times as you’d like!) :

Go to the Earth Project Map.

Choose a photo, video, or audio file of an “earth sample” (however you interpret it).

Click the “Add” button in the top right corner of the world map.

When the “Add” window is prompted, input the title and location of your “earth sample” (either by country/city, latitude and longitude coordinates, or by clicking “Map: Select a location” followed by clicking the exact location on the large world map).

Next, under the “Details” tab, enter any description, website URL, or email address you wish to include (email addresses will not be available to the public).

Finally, under the “Media” tab, upload your photo, video (only links from youtube accepted), or audio file.

Verify the information is correct by pressing “Preview”, then “Submit” when ready.

NOTE: You have limited time to edit your entry.  To do this, either click your entry marker on the world map, then the title of your entry (if it’s blue) and modify any information, or click the link that is provided by ZeeMaps when entries are submitted.

Questions? You can always click the “Help” tab on the “Add your entry” window, visit our FAQ section on the website, or email us: info@culturalinquiry.org