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A love of knowledge that borders on psychosis.

ICI Technic: Diagramming


As visual thinkers, we often resort to the impromptu diagram to help bring us through a conceptual morass. Through the years, we have taken this conceit one step further in our belief that our nascent theories and philosophies should lend … Continue reading

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Art hIstory reaDing liSt


An image-text by ICI associate Lise Patt created for Part 2, a publication of the City University of New York, Graduate Center . Here, a typical syllabus for a class in art history is obscured by the cultural eclipse of … Continue reading

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ICI Ephemera Kabinett


The well-worn but faithful drawers of the ICI’s Ephemera Kabinett. We call the material contained in these drawers ephemera because by they time it comes to us its initial purpose has expired; someone has decided to discard the object (or … Continue reading

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The telegraph room at the Mundaneum circa 1930, Paul Otlet’s ambitious project to create a master bibliography of all the world’s published knowledge. His interest in collecting magazines, journals, photographs, posters and all kinds of ephemera and not just books … Continue reading

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Mnemosyne Atlas

WarburgSebald, Dean and Warburg explore the power of the Archive.

The Archive figured prominently in the ICI’s third title, Searching for Sebald: Photography After W. G. Sebald. In her essay that considered the work of Tacita Dean and Joseph Beuys through the prose fictions of W. G. Sebald, Christa-Maria Lerm … Continue reading Continue reading

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The Clue’s Tool


In the Minoan palace on Crete, the ‘clew’ was a ball of thread that would help one navigate the Cretan labyrinth. The clue’s early meaning was retained when the noun became a verb. To this day, ‘to clue’ is to … Continue reading

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