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All acts of memory are attempts to but some object, impression, sensation, event, or even a person back together again. In this category, you’ll find the pieces of that exercise.

This Could Be a Place of Historical Significance


In 1980, Braco Dimitrijević built an engraved slab into the pavement outside the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. This photo was taken in January of 1992. Dimitrijević’s critique of history relies not only on language, the usual fodder of sign systems, … Continue reading

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ICI Technic: Incantation


In a memorial service for one of our founding associates, cigars, food, money, and a healthy shot of whiskey were used to conjure up Papa Legba, the spirit guardian of the Crossroads. Incantation derives from Middle English, from the Anglo-French enchanter, reminding us … Continue reading

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Ephemera Kabinett: Mourning Pins


Accession #: ICI 22061 Title: Victorian-era Mourning Pins Discussion: Matchbox-sized case of black-tipped mourning pins made in Germany for the American and English markets sometime during the nineteenth or early twentieth century. These pins were used to attach veils during … Continue reading

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LIBRARY SHELF: The Blood of a Nation


Jordon, David Starr. The Blood of the Nation: A study of the decay of Races through survival of the unfit (1902) ICI Shelf: Galt Last Line: “It is the voice of political wisdom which falls from the bells of Christmas-tide: … Continue reading

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LIBRARY SHELF: Felix Gonzalez-Torres


Ault, Julie; ed. Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1991) ICI Shelf: Artist Monographs First Line: “I want to begin this book by telling you that I knew Felix Gonzalez-Torres well.” ICI History: Today at the ICI — Twitter Feed (12-02-12)

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Flowers at Chimayo


This permanent memorial at Chimayo, New Mexico evokes the language of the roadside shrine.  The permanence of the ceramic calla lilies is undermined by a thin sheet of cellophane wrapped around the bouquet. Its haphazard embrace borrows the language of … Continue reading

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Ephemera Kabinett: Original AIDS Ribbon


  ACCESSION #: ICI 21278 Title: Original design for the red ribbon created for AIDS recognition, c. 1991 Discussion: The original red ribbon was created in 1991 to recognize people living with HIV and AIDS along with their caretakers.  It was created by … Continue reading

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Every Ten Minutes Cassette by Robert Farber


A project by Robert Farber for Day Without Art in 1992. There was no sound on the tape except for a gong that rang every ten minutes – the rate of AIDS deaths in the United States at that time. … Continue reading

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Plague in Virgil’s “Georgics” Pamphlet


A program for an exhibition organized by Daniel Cornell at the Pierpont Morgan Library in 1995 to coincide with the Day Without Art on December 1, World AIDS Day. Today, Visual AIDS prefers to emphasize the people, especially artists, who … Continue reading

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EPHEMERA KABINETT: The Dead and Missing from 9/11



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