Calling all Fellow Researchers

Even in the “information age”, tracking down specific content can be a difficult task. When access is limited or records seem incomplete, what’s a poor researcher to do? Ask around; of course! The Researcher’s here at ICI Press is currently looking for the following items:

  • Journal:  Le Nouvel Observateur, Special Photo, no. 3 (June 1978)
  • Journal: Le Nouvel Observateur,  Special Photo, no. 2 (Nov. 1977)

If anyone has access to these volumes or knows where they may be readily available, please let us know by contacting or by leaving us a message in the comment box below.

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  1. If you are looking for back articles, the best place to start is at your closest university library. It doesn’t matter if you’re enrolled or not because most institutions will allow anyone to search databases with back issues of periodicals on campus (but not remotely). When you seek information, check with an information specialist…your local librarian.

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