100/10∆6 Catalog

The catalogs for the 100/10 (100 days/10 visions) project are an homage to many of the ICI’s favorite people and things: W. G. Sebald, his poem After Nature, The New Museum in New York. Modeled on that museum’s catalog for their 2008 exhibition After Nature, this book also owes allegiance to Aby Warburg (1866-1929). Under the dustcover you’ll find a “good neighbor,” a book that impacted the curator of this project iteration (and so, a different title for each participant) even though that book’s influence may not be immediately apparent in the exhibition photos that are sprinkled within its pages. Warburg, lamenting the possible loss of open stacks in public libraries, argued that when looking for a desired book on a library shelf it is often its neighbor that first draws your attention, its good neighbor that holds the answer you are seeking.

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