ICI recognizes the 24th Day Without Art on December 1, 2013

On Sunday, December 1, 2013, in recognition of World AIDS Day, the ICI linked to a project by fierce pussy for Visual AIDS. ”

For the Record mourns the loss of friends, family, lovers, artists and activists during the AIDS crisis and engages in a dialogue about the erasure of personal and collective memories from the historical record through this loss. Through poignant and powerful variations of the phrase “If he/she/they were alive today…,” fierce pussy explores the daily aspects of living, not only with HIV/AIDS but as a person in the world, and asks viewers to extract their own memories to consider our personal and social relationship to the AIDS crisis in the present.”

Posted here are four broadsides created by fierce pussy for distribution in all places and spaces where the AIDS pandemic runs the risk of slipping from memory.

The broadsides can be downloaded here:

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