Searching for Sebald (Artist Edition)

The Limited Artist edition is an edition of 75 with 25 artist proofs. Suitcases are available as a premium to members and supporters who contribute to the Institute in the amount of $1,000 USD.

Each suitcase is a unique object with a name drawn from one of the many fictional or fictionalized historical figures in Sebald’s prose fictions. The valise houses a hardcover edition of Searching for Sebald along with 20 originals works of art by 20 artists or visual researchers. To purchase a suitcase or to see what suitcase ‘names’ are still available, please visit the ICI Gift Shop.




Curators: Lise Patt, Christel Dillbohner and Anna Ayeroff
Assistant curator: Lily Siegel
Project desgin:Lise Patt and Anna Ayeroff
Publisher: Institute of Cultural Inquiry
ISBN: 978-1-889917-13-9


Artist Contributors

  • Thomas Becker (Switzerland)
  • Suvan Geer (U.S.)
  • Antoinette LaFarge (U.S.)
  • Christel Dillbohner (U.S./Germany)
  • Deborah Paulsen (U.S.)
  • Terri Valli Trotter (U.S.)
  • Tris Vonna-Michell (Germany/U.K.)
  • Jo Todd (U.S.)
  • Melinda Smith Altshuler (U.S.)
  • Jeremy Millar (U.K.)
  • Tim Wright (U.K.)
  • Daniel Lash (U.S.)
  • Anne Flannery (U.S.)
  • ICI Research Team (U.S./U.K./Germany)
  • Pablo Helguera (U.S./Mexico)
  • Yolande Macias McKay (U.S.)
  • Chris Rochelle (U.S.)
  • Skuta (U.S./Iceland)
  • Axel Forrester (U.S./U.K.)
  • Sande Sisneros (U.S.)
  • Danny Redfern (U.S.)



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