Searching for Sebald (Collector’s Edition)

The Collector’s Edition includes a hardcover edition of Searching for Sebald inside a black silk clamshell box with an image of a labyrinth and ICI embossed on the spine.

Also inside, a drawer holds study documents and a researcher’s tools including: a magnifying glass, a stereoviewer, sample pages from one of Sebald’s texts, stereocards designed from the images in Sebald’s A Natural History of Destruction, a volvelle-style index, a study page drawn from Arturo Ott’s photo albums, and Christel Dillbohner’s Itinerary for a walking tour through East Anglia.


Publisher: ICI Press
ISBN: 978-1-889917-14-6
Retail Price: $200

This edition is currently out of print. Please contact the ICI directly for all related inquiries.


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