OVERVIEW – AIDS Chronicles in Production

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AIDS Chronicles Editions in Currently in Process
2014 In addition to any articles mentioning AIDS or HIV, this year will also feature Ebola ‘ghost articles’ to emphasize this year’s extensive coverage of the Ebola health crisis relative to AIDS despite the statistically much higher rate of AIDS-related deaths each day.

Artist: Lise Patt

2013 The first digital edition of the AIDS Chronicles was released online for viewing and download on December 1, 2015; a limited edition printed box set of these volumes is currently in production.

Artist: Sue-Na Gay

2006 A large, sculptural ‘ball’ edition formed from the pages that comprise the full Chronicle year.

Artist: Institute of Cultural Inquiry

2004 A digitally painted and manipulated edition.

Artist: Antoinette LaFarge

1996 The pages for this year have been made into ‘yarn’ and are being knitted into a large, unwieldy quilt to bring emphasis to that other memorial of AIDS that was shown in its entirety on the Washington, D.C. Mall for the last time in the same year as this AIDS Chronicle.

Artist: The ICI family of Associates, Interns, and Volunteers

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