He used to spend quite a bit of time at the Institute of Cultural Inquiry,
rummaging through our repository,
poring over old books,
that is until...

We had no reason to doubt him when he said he would be back in a month. He had left behind those things we most associate with him... his African cane, his Mexican shoes, and his pickled monkey's head which he kept in an old mayonnaise jar. But as time passed and the month turned into a year, we began to suspect that he had other plans. We had noticed a few things were missing from the Institute's repository... some foreign currency, literature on the Narrenturm in Vienna, the Manual of Lost Ideas, a pair of Buddhist's slippers, and a train master's watch that came to us from Charles P. Schmidt, train station master for 50 years in Hannaford, North Dakota.. . . when added together they made us wonder if John Galt had slipped away.

To make a long story short, we are hoping for your help in locating Mr. Galt. Please email us if you can answer any of these questions:
When did you last see John Galt?

Where did you last see him?
(Please give specific latitudes and longitudes if known.)

Based on what you know about him,
(what do you know about him?)
where do you think he might be now?

While it is not our intent to catch Mr. Galt or even to insist on the return of our missing items, we are curious to see if his travels will somehow reveal...