The Laboratory

At our last Associate meeting of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry,
a review of 15 years,
looking at where we've been,
where we're going...

It's a brain. A visual think tank. An organization that was formed around an idea rather than a medium or a method or a politics. A spiritual and intellectual comfort zone. Not an exhibition space. A space that exists but not here; always over there, somewhere else. Not a Museum, but we have a permanent collection. We're more like a warehouse, a self-generating archive We're something like a museum of natural history, or a reliquary with ancient bones wrapped up and hidden.Like a hidden museum.We have Publications, books, with collections of essays that follow different themes. They're sometimes very esoteric We're amateurs in the old sense; like the 19th century, like the Renaissance.We're a group of artists, writers, and scientistswho work collectively with no ego; a combined entity. Artists and writers who give up authorship to gain collective authorship. Can be public. Can be activist. THE AIDS CHRONICLES. ICI is ephemeral; a gaseous substance. Something that unfolds.something that must be presented. It's a place of performance; an archeology; projects dig at something. Visitors have to dig into what¹s there. ICI is a mythical undefinable possibilityit provides opportunities for the unexpected. It is a secret society. A drinking society. A home for lost idealists.