'All the News That's Fit to Paint' - December 2016

The AIDS Chronicles
Since 1993, the ICI has collected each front page of the New York Times newspaper. The pages are altered to create blood-red broadsides that leave visible only references to HIV or AIDS. Over time, these pages have accrued to become a record of the (lack of) day-to-day discourse on HIV in America's 'newspaper of record.' Periodically, these documents are displayed on December 1st, World AIDS Day, either on a pedestal so that members of the community can slowly turn the pages that mark a year of AIDS history or on an exhibition wall in an imposing grid arrangement.

There are many Chronicle years that are yet to be completed. The pages have been collected but they have not been read, altered, or bound. The ICI is committed to completing all volumes of this project even as we hope for a timely end to the pandemic. In order to do this we need your help.

For a donation of just $10.00 you can 'digitally' paint a page of the AIDS Chronicles. and help us purchase materials for the unfinished pages of the AIDS Chronicles. You contribution will also be used to help defray the costs for each commissioned binding and cover. Supporters who digitally paint an entire year of pages will have an opportunity to add a dedication to one of our unfinished Chronicle years.

Donate now to virtually 'paint' pages and show your support. Virtual pages can be purchased in any increment of days, weeks, months or years.


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