The ICI Associates

ICI Associates help guide and steer the Institute by assisting in the planning, implementation, and archiving of ICI projects and events. In addition to their Institute tasks, Associates spearhead their own projects. As artists, writers, scientists, and other culture workers, their work investigates, defines, and utilizes visual culture. While not Institute projects per se, the range and depth of the Associate projects attests to the vast interests of the ICI.

Axel                500//019101LP                            265//019102ALF                             150//019103AF

                  500//019104TVT                           1515//019105CD                           000//019106YMK

ICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sq                  190//019109SS                                   075//019110LS                               000//019201DC

ICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sqICI-BLOGrobert_allen-wICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sq              000//019401BD                                 250//039103RA                              000//039201DR

ICI-BLOGmelinda-wICI-BLOGgero_leson-w              265//039202MG                                500//039203MSA                       1500//039301GL

ICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sqICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sqICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sq                 000//049201DW                              000//049402KP                           562//049901AM

ICI-BLOGpaulsen_icon-wICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sqICI-LABblog_signs_redhand-sq               234//059401DP                                  500//059701JT                              500//069102RF


500//069801AO                                    500//079101JG

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