Benjamin's Blind Spot
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AIDS Chronicles
The writings collected in this 2001 book use Walter Benjamin's landmark 1937 essay "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" as a springboard to apply Benjamin's insights to an unusually diverse selection of topics. Presented in the book's margins are extensive excerpts from The Manual of Lost Ideas, a collection of images and related documents that arrived at the ICI as an anonymous bequest in 1955.
Editor: Lise Patt
Publisher: Institute of Cultural Inquiry
Book design:

trade edition
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ISBN: 1-889917-04-4 (trade edition)

    commemorative edition
This edition is packaged with a full sheet of 9 four-color stamps of images from the book. These stamps are designed to be inserted in the book as miniature color illustrations; or they may be used separately as decorative stamps.
ISBN: 1-889917-04-4 (commemorative edition)
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special edition
This edition has 9 four-color stamps of images from the book glued in place in the book to serve as miniature color illustrations. In addition, an extra full sheet of the 12 stamps is included with the book. Note: The special edition is currently out of print.
ISBN: 1-889917-05-2 (special edition)