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AIDS Chronicles
Joyce in Art:Visual Art Inspired by James Joyce
We are pleased to add this beautifully produced book by Christina-Maria Lerm Hayes to our growing library. Joyce in Art accompanied the exhibition of the same title (at the RHA in Dublin), curated by the author for 16 June 2004, the centenary of Bloomsday.

With over 200 reproductions in color and black and white, of artists as diverse as Man Ray, Brancusi, Eisenstein, Matisse, Motherwell, Scully, Beuys, Christo, Bacon, Hamilton, Cage, le Brocquy, Cooke and others, this sumptuous volume will appeal to scholars and artists interested in modern literature and the contemporary arts. Educators will repeatedly return to this book for sources and inspiration.

"There have been attempts to show affinities between Joyce's styles and visual arts movements, including Cubism and Pre-Ralphaelitism, and it has been said that Joyce is fundamentally, obscurely, or deeply visual after all or in spite of everything he wrote…The book shows, once and for all, exactly what artists have made of Joyce."
- James Elkins

Author: Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes
Publisher: Lilliput Press (Dublin), 2004
ISBN: 1 84351 052 9

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    The New Society for Universal Harmony
The New Society has been a favorite of ICI Associates for many years now. We were thrilled to see this comprehensive album of the New Society's activities.

Lenore Malen uses pseudo-documentary photos, video and audio transcriptions, testimonials, case histories, and arcane imagery to archive the utopian society established in Paris in 1793 by the followers of Franz Anton Mesmer, known as La société de l'harmonie universelle. Malen's New Society comes out of her long-term installation project and live performances of case histories and treatments performed at the fabricated Society imagined in Athol Springs, New York. The book expands the scope of the project to include original fiction and essays by "fellow Harmonites" Jonathan Ames, Geoffrey O'Brien. Pepe Karmel, Nancy Princenthal, Irving Sandler, Susan Canning, Barbara Tannenbaum, Jim Long, Mark Thompson, and others, as well as, the first-person account of Malen's discovery and two-year involvement with the Society.

Author: Lenore Malen
Publisher: Granary Books (New York), 2005
ISBN: 1-8887123-67-9

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