Monkey Head Complete Catalog


The Monkey Head Collection will be a limited edition box set in a still yet to be determined form. The edition will include all nine lab books created in conjunction with each researcher during their iteration of the With Everything But the Monkey Head, along with a project catalog produced by the ICI, which will summarize the project ‘findings’ as we work to theorize the untheorizable within visual research (10 books in total)..

These are the initial books that will comprise this unique limited edition set.

MH Iteration 01: Martin Gantman

Part journal, workbook, recipe book, and itinerary, this chronicle will provide a snapshot of Martin Gantman’s exploration into the terms used to set up the project. He asks, what is theory, what is research, or practice, and what is an activity or event that is ‘something-based?’



Monkey Head Project Catalog

The catalog for  With Everything But the Monkey Head will be an homage to 19th century salesman ‘dummy books’ which provided snippets and examples of all the best parts of the books in compact portable form, that lends itself to ideas which are still unfolding.

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