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The ICI’s active publishing program, ICI press, is formed by diverse communities of artists and scholars, who work collaboratively to publish books, zines and handmade artist editions that celebrate, expose, and actualize the visual paradigms we live by. Covering varying topics on visual culture, each major title is accompanied by a special edition, featuring artist-made supplements.

ICI Press publishes books that have been called “rhizomatic verbal-visual webs.” As multi-disciplinary projects, they actualize as much as they analyze the image/text paradigm. Bataille’s Eye (1997) explores Georges Bataille’s novella, Story of the Eye. Benjamin’s Blind Spot (2001) unpacks Walter Benjamin’s difficult concept of aura. Searching for Sebald (2007) looks at W. G. Sebald’s unique method of bringing word and image together and explores the far-reaching impact of his work on the world of art. ICI is currently working on a book that explores Roland Barthes’ last book, Camera Lucida.

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The ICI has also published many books within the long-standing AIDS Chronicle project.



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