The Wrap-Up was an annual publication of the ICI that was published until the year 2000. It commented on the cultural events of the preceding year as seen through the eyes if the Institute of Cultural Inquiry. It mixed contemporary news with historical documents in order to question the underlying belief systems of the dominant culture.

The Wrap-Up retained the form of the Institute diaspora, when our transient nature demanded that all documents be light in weight and have a functional form.  During that time, it was used to cover books and as wrapping paper for small gifts. In the spirit of the Institute’s earlier days, the Wrap-Up was packaged with a length of “brain ribbon” to encourage the recycling of this unique publication.  A deluxe edition of the Wrap-Up was also produced annually for high-level supporters and friends of the Institute and usually included an “extra” like the little “life-saving kit” that referenced some frame of that year’s Wrap-Up. Below are some samples of the wrap-up from the 1990s.

                                                               1998                                                      1997                                                       1996


                                                             1995                                                         1994                                                        1993





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