Guest Curator/Editor Duties – Publications

LP-Museo_book-wFrom time to time, the ICI  works with guest curators/editors to create ‘compilations’ that address issues or concerns of interest to the Institute. These compilations can take many forms: a display, an event, or a printed publication, to name just a few possibilities. Listed here are the duties of curator/editors for printed compilations:


1.  Work with ICI to create a call for papers. The call may have to be repeated.

2.  Help organize advisory board and work with this board to recommend articles for publication. Many of the articles will come from the open call for papers. In some cases, the guest editor will work with the advisory board to find essays to help round out the publication.

3.  Work with ICI and the Guest Curator to finalize selection of articles for the book.

4.  Work with each of the authors to ensure that deadlines are met, contracts are signed and that copyrights and permissions are granted. The Guest Editor mediates between the authors and the ICI.

5.  Work with line editor if any problems come up with the text

6.   Write an introduction

7.  Work with book designer to prevent any design mishaps (i.e. images reversed, etc.)

8.  Make a one-year commitment to the project.

9.  Work with ICI to title the publication

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