Who We Are

Who we are

Staff, Interns and Residents:
Lise Patt, Associate and Director
Sue-Na Gay, Assistant Director
Nick Adams, Facilities Manager

Deborah Cullen Morales, Associate and Keeper of the Seals
Christel Dillbohner, Associate and Explorer-at-large
Axel Forrester, Associate and Acquisitions
Antoinette LaFarge, Associate and Archivist
Sande Sisneros, Associate and Fabricator
Martin Gantman, Associate and Critic-at-large
Arnaldo Morales, Associate and Machinist
Daniel T. Walkup, Associate and Fabulist
John Galt, Associate and Tomfoolery
Hu D. Seidz, Historian and Ephemera Custodian
Gero Leson, Associate and Map-Maker
Melinda Smith Altshuler, Associate and Corroborator
Danny Redfern, Associate and Apocrypha
Deborah Paulsen, Associate and Solicitor General
J. Todd, Associate and Arcana
Yolanda Macias Mckay, Associate
Lothar Schmitz, Associate and Philosophy
Robert Allen, Associate and Conjurer
Anna Ayeroff, Associate and Excavation
Steven Eighmey, Associate and Builder

Support for the ICI and its Associates has come from:

The Getty Foundation
The Surdna Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts
The Murdy Foundation
Creative Time
Robert Farber Foundation
The Murdy Foundation
Visual AIDS
The New Museum, New York
The Solomon Guggenheim Museum
The Montgomery Museum of Art
Soro, LLC

And the numerous members, supporters and collaborators who have given time and resources to the ICI over the years.


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