OVERVIEW: Completed AIDS Chronicles

Completed AIDS Chronicles Editions
1995 Four portfolios which hold Chronicle pages hand-sewn together in an accordion fashion. Cover artist and binder: Esteban Chavez S.
1997 Four volumes with hand-painted covers that correspond to the four seasonsCover artist and binder: Gary H. Brown (artist) and John Balkwill/Lumino Press (Binder)
 1998 Twelve volumes bound and displayed as a newspaper rack. Cover artist and binder: Deborah Cullen-Morales (artist) and Karl Peterson (binder)
 2000 Three volumes with hand painted covers that reference a DNA double helix. Cover artist and binder: Deborah Paulsen
 2001 Single reliquary containing the intact articles and ash-based remains of the year. Cover artist and binder: Martin Gantman
 2003 2 reliquaries created by the artist to house loose painted pages . Cover artist and binder: Christel Dillbohner
 2010 3 coffin-like boxes with pages carry the added burden of reporting on the Haitian earthquake of 2010.
Cover artist and binder: Vladimir Cybil Charlier
 2013 Three digital volumes published online. Cover artist and binder: Sue-Na Gay

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