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The Tracker Manifesto

The Tracking Project investigates the recognition and gathering of trace – evidence that is perceived, sometimes even inadvertently and subconsciously, and that exposes the bias and direction of a culture’s migration. This dispassionate accumulation of trace invests a Tracker, as with a guide, in support of their unique temporal voyage that occurs within this mass movement.

The Tracker is not anxious but is aware, not suspect but attentive, is silent yet present. Simultaneously, a Tracker carries the acknowledgement – maybe blasé – of a regard for the inevitability of consciousness, of the impotence of control, and of the curiosity toward an objective. Not so much acquiescence, this acknowledgement proposes the acceptance of a question around the relative importance of one’s negotiation toward death. It begs the presence of the super real, extra-durational instant and broaches the internal dispute between ones appreciation of wonder and the enduring threat of its potential homicide.

* ICI Projects
Matchbook Project 1996
Manual of Lost Ideas 1998
Benjamin Blind Spot 2000
Cover for Aids Chronicles 2004

Press release

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The Ephemera(l) Institution An Evening with Visualist-in-Residence, Martin Gantman January 11, 2014, 7:00 – 9:00 pm In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. –Yogi Berra The Institute of Cultural Inquiry (ICI) presents the … Continue reading

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Visualist-in-Residence Project


Due to space limitations, VIR applications for 2016 are currently not being accepted. This project may resume in 2017. The VIR residency offers local artists, art theorists, writers, and other culture producers an environment that is oriented towards knowledge production … Continue reading

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Martin Gantman at TAM


    ICI Associate, Martin Gantman, is currently in exhibition at Torrance Museum of Art. The show, Bakers Dozen V – Marginal Revolutions concerns “activism, the 99%, Occupy, Anonymous, Wikileaks, and other manifestations of the political.” The exhibition runs … Continue reading

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