AIDS Bottle Project

The AIDS Bottle Project is an interactive artist’s action conceived as a means of focusing attention on the AIDS crisis. From 1990 – 2000, in sites all over the United States and Europe, the ICI displayed bottles on December 1st of each year in conjunction with World AIDS Day.

Each bottle represents a person who has died from complications due to AIDS or HIV. The name and year of death is etched on the glass and a short biography is printed under the lid. In public displays, the bottles were part of an interactive process. Jars were left open so that objects of personal significance could be added to them by visitors. Response books were also available to record a range of emotions. At the end of the display, the bottles were distributed to the public free of charge. The jars were offered not only to remember those who had died, but to emphasize the individual make-up of a community and the responsibility of each living member to resist complacency about the ongoing epidemic.


AIDS Bottle Project Exhibition History
1999 Over 1,000,000/under 24 at Sam Francis Gallery, Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, Santa Monica
1998 Displayed at Santa Monica Festival, Santa Monica
100 Unknown Women at The Institute of Cultural Inquiry
Workshop and display at Johnson State College, Vermont
Lecture and display at Montgomery Museum of Art, Alabama
Displayed at Midnight Special Bookstore , Santa Monica, CA.
1993 Display and lecture at Williams College, Massachusetts
City University of New York, New York City
1992 Displayed at Los Angeles Municipal Gallery,
SITE, Los Angeles
SPACE Gallery, Los Angeles
Watts Towers, Los Angeles
Birchfield Art Center, Buffalo, NY
University of California, Santa Barbara
1991 Displayed at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, LACMA
L.A. Eyeworks, Los Angeles
Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Grey Art Gallery, NYU, New York City
Washington D.C. Mall

Karl Bornstein Gallery, Santa Monica
Los Angeles Municipal Gallery
1990 Tactical intervention at Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Also shown at Richard Bennett Gallery, Los Angeles
1989 Visual AIDS launches Day Without Art on December 1 to coincide with World AIDS Day. The day of action and commemoration rallied artists and arts communities to remember those who have died from AIDS related illnesses.
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