LIBRARY DISPLAY: A Book by Any Other Name


   A Book by Any Other Name

On display in the Library and Terri Valli Trotter Study Room

February 10 – April 30, 2014

The making of books is a process that straddles the line between fine art and craftsmanship. It can create both what we know and think of as ‘books’ – two covers, hard or soft, with a range of pages sandwiched in between – or it can diverge entirely and take the form of the sculptural, the conceptual, the ‘in-between’ or the ‘none of the above.’

Following our recent involvement in the 2nd annual LA Art Book Fair (hosted by Printed Matter), the Institute of Cultural Inquiry is proud to present a curated display of handmade artist books, books about books from the Institute’s library and unique collections that celebrate the making of unique book art objects.

Featured artists on display include Dorothy Royer, Leslie Corrigan, Janet Klein, Pam Posey, Deborah Cullen, and the Museum of Forgery, among others.


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