The Mystery Spot: Bumper Sticker Semiology

Mystery Spot sticker

Like some of the most profound wisdom, “The Mystery Spot” manifested itself on the rear end of a car.

According to Sandlot Science, Mystery Spots are the product of the great depression, when the entertainment industry was trying to market strange phenomena.  Operating on optical illusions that are “driven by spatial distortion and misdirection,” half the fun of Mystery Spots seems to derive from the buying and selling (if only half-so) of the varied phenomenological explanations for these charmed locations.  Oh, and of course, there’s the bumper sticker.

vintage mystery spot photo

Like bumper stickers that keep you guessing, the allure of the ‘Mystery Spot’ is its low-culture charm, and despite knowing the truth or not, everyone shares the same delusory experience.


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