Geuen Hors


 On display in the Library and Terri Valli Trotter Study Room September 30 2013 – January 31 2014


“Trojan Horse” “Gift-Horse” “Horseplay” “If wishes were horses…” “Straight from the horse’s mouth”

Though they no longer function as an element of day-to-day life for most people, the horse lives on as  a metaphor for everything from free presents to wishful thinking, to hidden invaders, and beyond. Stemming from the realm of double entendre, ‘the trickster,’ and the playfulness of things ‘hidden in plain sight,’ Geuen Hors pays tribute to the many ‘horses’ that have surfaced at the ICI over the last twenty years.

Ranging from large scale installation to miniature painting, items on display include ‘gifted’ works by Mungo Thomson, Pam Posey, Danny Redfern, Arnaldo Morales, Terri Valli Trotter, the Museum of Forgery, Axel Forrester, Martin Gantman, Deborah Paulsen, John Galt, Yolande Macias Mckay, George Herms, and Sophie Calle (among others), as well as a collection of ‘anonymous gifts’ left behind in books, on shelves, under tress, and in the other shadow spaces of the ICI.

A full map of the items on display can be downloaded here.

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